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About The Dooda Game

The dooda game was invented during 2006-2008 when i noticed that me and my friends got bored with playing "grown up" card games, or when me and my friends were too, lets say, distracted from playing sufisticated games like Bridge.

Meanwhile we all started having kids of our own and seen a lot of new ideas for card games, that is when i decided to take our favorit theme in life, that makes us feel good and invent a game on my own, combining games, trying new stuff every time until we found something that workes. 

the game had more than a few trial and errors until we found the game we have today.

And when we did, i found a very talanted animator that was happy to take up the chalange and made these beutiful and humorous characters that realy made my game come into life.

In 2009 i started designing and implementing all the the graphics, the box design and the rules for the game

And finaly in the year 2010 i printed out the first edition of the Dooda Game.

I must say i was excited just as much as my first born's birth. 

The game is not very complicated, and each round ends quick, and you may go wild with imagination as to whats the winner of each round prize is... lol

Spread the word, play with your friends and most important,

I hope you enjoy ir, I do :)


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